Thursday September 8th


9:00 am Light Horse Halter Stallions

9:10 am Light Horse Halter Geldings

9:20 am Light Horse Halter Mares

9:30 am Pony Halter

9:40 am Champion Light Horse Halter

9:50 am Miniature Horse Halter Mares

10:00 am Miniature Horse Halter Geldings

10:10 am Champion Miniature Horse Halter

10:20 am Miniature Horse Showmanship

10:30 am Draft Horse Line Classes & Senior Showmanship

12:00 pm Grooming and Conditioning Horse

12:15 pm Grooming and Conditioning Pony

12:30 pm Light Horse Senior Showmanship

12:45 pm Light Horse Youth Showmanship

1:00 pm Smallfry Showmanship

1:15 pm Light Horse Warm Up

1:45 pm English Equitation Horse Senior

2:00 pm English Equitation Horse Youth

2:15 pm English Pleasure Horse Senior

2:30 pm English Pleasure Horse Youth

2:45 pm Miniature Horse Pleasure Driving

3:00 pm Senior English Command

3:15 pm Youth English Command

3:30 pm Senior Walk Trot Pleasure

3:45 pm Youth Walk Trot Pleasure

4:00 pm English Pleasure Horse Stake

4:15 pm Senior Walk Trot Equitation

4:30 pm Youth Walk Trot Equitation

4:45 pm Road Hack Senior

5:00 pm Road Hack Youth

5:15 pm Smallfry Warm Up

5:30 pm Smallfry Pleasure

5:45 pm Road Hack Stake

6:00 pm Ladies Draft Horse Cart Class

6:30 pm Miniature Pleasure Driving Stake

7:30 pm GEEZER (Musical Entertainment)

9:00 pm Maritime Classic Four Horse Qualifier Class

9:30 pm Draft Horse Four in Hand Driving Competition


5:30 pm Senior Barrels #1

5:45 pm Youth Barrels #1

6:00 pm Senior Poles #1

6:15 pm Youth Poles #1

6:30 pm Keyhole Race


7:00 pm Burnout Competition (Off road and demolition derby vehicles)

7:30 pm Demolition Derby (all classes)

Please Note: Schedule is subject to change without notice.