Demolition Derby


Classes: SUV, Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive and Van
1. Stock gas tank behind the rear axle must be removed. Gas tanks in front of the rear axle are ok as is.
An auxiliary gas tank MUST be no further forward than the rear of the front seat.
2. Auxiliary gas tanks MUST be securely fastened. NO bungee cords, wood or rope can be used.
3. Fire Shield MUST be placed between the driver and the tank. Fire shield is a non-flammable material
securely fastened around the tank, completely covering the tank, to keep gas from splashing on the
driver if it should rupture.
4. ABSOLUTELY NO one gallon or five gallon carrying cans (gas cans) are allowed to be used for auxiliary
tanks. The auxiliary tank MUST have gas line fittings in place. NO lines can be jammed through a hole
and sealed. A securely installed fitting will be acceptable.
5. Any fuel leakage will lead to immediate disqualification.
6. All glass must be removed (not smashed out) this includes all outside mirrors, taillights, headlights,
and windshields. Any broken glass must be removed from the car. Rolling down the windows is NOT
acceptable. windsheild removal is optional but driver must have full face helmet with visor if windsheil is
left in NO helmet w/glasses WILL BE ACCEPTED
7. Chrome mouldings antenna, sun-visors, and dangerous objects MUST be removed.
8. Approved seat belts are required (original manufacturers equipment) and/or harness or extra seat
9. A single post to post bar or pipe (max 2”) may be welded or bolted from the driver’s side “B” post to
the passenger side “B” post. You may also run a post or pipe (max 4”) from the floor to the roof (rollover
bar) to provide strength in the event of a rollover.
10. Only one automotive type battery is permitted and it may be located in any position in the car.
Battery MUST be securely fastened and covered.
11. Radiator must be drained and filled with water along with transmission cooler MUST remain in the
original position OR be removed.
12. NO CUTTING front bumper ends. Fenders may be cut for wheel clearance only.
13. Cars MUST be CLEANED OF ALL DEBRIS prior to coming to the track.
14. All cars must have brakes.

15. All entries must have a 16” diameter hole in the hood around the carburetor.
16. All doors must be securely fastened by chain, wire, seatbelted or welded.
17. The driver’s door may be reinforced on the outside using plate steel. Reinforcing MUST NOT extend
more than one food behind or ahead of the drivers door.
18. The hood and trunk or tailgate may be fastened in 2 places plus hinges.
19. All fastened trunk lids MUST have a 12” diameter inspection hole cut in the trunk lid.
20. All flammable material except the dashboard must be removed passengerfront seat mat remain only
if being used as battery box. All airbags must be removed or cut open for curtain or or side bags
21. Only stock type bumpers are allowed. Any trailer hitches MUST be completely removed. NO
22. No welding of seams on frame or adding any metal to frame. Must be stock frame for that make and
model. If the frame is broken, you may use 4”x4”x 3/8” thick patch one side of break only. NO other
patch accepted. Over repaired frames will be considered reinforced and will result in disqualification.
23. ABSOLUTELY NO REINFORCING ALTERING OR WELDING rear leaf springs. Leaf springs MUST conform
to stock equipment.
24. NO blocked shocks, spring jacks of shackles. Cars MUST have a free suspension. Air shock lines MUST
be cut.
25. Both front doors should be painted white and labeled with a number clearly visible your number call
9027598077 to reserve a number.
26. Cars may only be decorated in good taste. NO nudity, profanity, hate graphics.
27. All work on cars must be completed before entering the track area.
28. Rims must be stock type and size, no split rims. NO double or liquid filled tires. Passenger or light
truck tires only. No studded tires, no tractor, skid steer, or off-road type tires.
29. Registration fee is $20 plus admission at the gate. Vehicles must be in the ground 1 hour before start
30. A driver $100 protest fee is required to contest another car. Fee will be refunded if car is found
31. For more information or questions contact: Kent Corbett @9027598077