Light Horse Division Entry Form




Please email entries to:

Chairperson: Georda MacInnis – (902) 759-1036

The 2019 Light Horse Show will run September 4th – 8th. Classes will run from Wednesday evening until Sunday at 3:00pm (combination of indoors and outdoors). Light Horse haul out time will begin at 5:00pm Sunday.


Rules & Regulations of the Pictou & North Colchester Exhibition Light Horse Show

  1. Proof of NSEF Liability Insurance Must Be Provided with Entry Forms!
  2. All fees MUST accompany entry forms. NO POSTDATED CHEQUES, PLEASE! Entries are to be posted-marked no later than August 28th or a $20 late fee will be charged. Please see Light Horse Chairperson when you arrive on the grounds to enter any additional classes. All post entries must be paid for at least one hour before the class is scheduled or you will NOT be permitted to enter. The fee for post entries is $7 per class.
  3. It is advisable that all horses be immunized within the last six months and at least one month prior to the show. Any animal which appears ill in the opinion of a Veterinarian will be asked to leave the grounds.
  4. Entry fees will be refunded upon receipt of valid doctor’s or veterinarian’s certificate.
  5. Ponies will be considered as being 14.2hh and under; horses will be considered as being 14.3hh and over.
  6. Horses showing in Stake Classes must be shown in at least two other classes in that division.
  7. Stalls will be assigned on a first-paid basis, starting on August 1st at 12 noon. Stall fees of $20 can be sent by E-transfer to or make other arrangements with chairperson. Horses shown in Line classes only MUST be hauled in and out if stabling is not available. There will not be any tack stalls available. Light Horse box stalls are limited – please enter early in order to guarantee a stall.
  8. All prize money will be forfeited if stalls are left unclean at the end of the show.
  9. The PNCE Light Horse Division cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to horses and/or riders and/or equipment and tack.
  10. Exhibitors are expected to be on time for classes. THE SCHEDULE IS A GUIDE ONLY AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE. However, light horse classes will NOT be run before their scheduled time. If tack change is necessary, PLEASE notify the Ring Master beforehand. DELAYS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  11. AS A COURTESY, please inform a member of the Light Horse Division AND the light horse Announcer if you are to scratch from a class. Refunds will not be given for scratches.
  12. Any classes with fewer than three entries may be combined or cancelled.
  13. Anyone interfering with the judge’s decision (before, during or after a class) will forfeit all prize money and may be banned the following year. No exhibitor or family/friend may approach the judge directly with questions or comments. This may be done through the light horse Chairperson on behalf of the exhibitor.
  14. *NEW* Ribbons will be awarded for 6 placings. Prize money will be paid as follows:

Prize $1st - $10.00, 2nd - $9.00, 3rd - $8.00, 4th - $7.00, 5th - $6.00, 6th - $5.00

Stake money will be paid on the following percentages:

Prize $1st - 30%, 2nd - 25%, 3rd - 20%, 4th - 15%, 5th - 5%, 6th – 5%


  1. Owners of STALLIONS, PLEASE INDICATE ON ENTRY FORM. Stallions can only be shown/handled by an exhibitor 19 year of age or older. They cannot be shown in pony or youth classes.
  2. NO MARTINGALES, TIE DOWNS OR DRAW REINS IN ANY DIVISION OTHER THAN GYMKHANA. In all western classes two hands may be used on ANY aged horse or pony with a snaffle bit. Any horses or ponies shown in a bit with a shank must be shown one handed (except Smallfry division and gymkhana).
  3. Senior exhibitors are those who will turn 19 in 2019. Youth exhibitors are those that will not reach their 19th birthday by the end of 2019. No one under 19 is permitted on a horse without a helmet while on the exhibition grounds.
  4. No horse/pony can be ridden in the same class by more than one rider.
  5. Points are accumulated by horse & rider entry. No points will be awarded to a placing won by a different rider.
  6. Trailer Hook-ups, Exhibitor’s Passes and Vehicle Permits must be obtained at the Main Show Office. If a trailer hook-up is required, please indicate on the entry form.

Office fee.................................................................... $10.00

Fee for Class................................................................. $5.00

Fee for Stake Class..................................................... $10.00

Box Stalls..................................................................... $20.00

Trailer Hook-up…………………...$60.00/week or $20.00/day

There will be no charge for back numbers. If you have your own number, please indicate on the entry form. If you don’t have your own number one will be given to you

Class List

  1. Grooming & Conditioning Pony (also open to Miniature Horses)
  2. Grooming & Conditioning Horse
  3. Halter Stallions – all ages
  4. Halter Geldings – all ages
  5. Halter Mares – all ages
  6. Pony halter (mare or gelding)
  7. Senior Showmanship
  8. Youth Showmanship
  9. English Pleasure Senior
  10. English Pleasure Youth
  11. English Pleasure Stake
  12. Senior English Command
  13. Youth English Command
  14. Road Hack Senior
  15. Road Hack Youth
  16. Road Hack Stake
  17. English Equitation Senior
  18. English Equitation Youth
  19. Western Pleasure Senior
  20. Western Pleasure Youth
  21. Western Pleasure Stake
  22. Senior Trail
  23. Youth Trail
  24. Trail Stake
  25. Western Horsemanship Senior
  26. Western Horsemanship Youth
  27. Senior Western Command
  28. Youth Western Command
  29. Don Mills Memorial Versatile Horse
  30. Ranch Horse Pleasure
  31. Kenny Grant Memorial – Maritime Bred Under Saddle
  32. Lead line Pleasure #1
  33. Lead line Pleasure #2
  34. Lead line Trail
  35. Youth Walk Trot Pleasure (English or Western)
  36. Senior Walk Trot Pleasure (English or Western)
  37. Youth Walk Trot Equitation (English or Western)
  38. Senior Walk Trot Equitation (English or Western)
  39. Youth Walk Trot Trail
  40. Senior Walk Trot Trail
  41. Youth Walk Trot Command
  42. Senior Walk Trot Command
  43. Smallfry Showmanship
  44. Smallfry Pleasure
  45. Smallfry Equitation
  46. Smallfry Trail
  47. Smallfry Command
  48. Smallfry Barrels
  49. Smallfry Poles
  50. *FREE* Costume (walk only) (also open to Miniature Horses)
  51. *FREE* Youth and Smallfry Toilet Paper Pairs (English or Western)
  52. *FREE* Senior Toilet Paper Pairs (English or Western)
  53. Family Class (walk/trot only)
  54. Senior Barrels #1
  55. Senior Barrels #2
  56. Senior Barrels #3
  57. Youth Barrels #1
  58. Youth Barrels #2
  59. Youth Barrels #3
  60. Senior Poles #1
  61. Senior Poles #2
  62. Senior Poles #3
  63. Youth Poles #1
  64. Youth Poles #2
  65. Youth Poles #3
  66. Dash for cash (winner takes all) Turn N Burn pattern will be used
  67. Keyhole Race
  68. Butterfly Race
  69. Crazy 8 Race
  70. *FREE* Youth and Smallfry Egg and Spoon
  71. *FREE* Senior Egg and Spoon
  72. Marguerite Grant Open Western Pleasure Stake

Division Rules

Senior – A horse class open to those riders who are or will turn 19 or older in 2019. Large ponies are also permitted but must only show in horse classes for the exhibition.

Youth – A horse/pony class open to those riders turning 18 years or younger in 2019. If you turn 19 in 2019 you are a senior.

*NEW* Smallfry – open to those riders 10 & under as of January 1st of 2019 with horses or ponies. Smallfry exhibitors may show 2 handed in a shank bit in Smallfry classes. Entries are only permitted to enter Smallfry classes plus grooming and conditioning, halter, costume, family class, toilet paper pairs and egg & spoon. Walk/trot only except for Barrels and Poles.

Youth Walk Trot – Open to youth exhibitors with horses and ponies. Smallfry exhibitors are NOT eligible. The pair must not have competed in a loping class before. Both experienced riders with green horses and novice riders with experienced horses are eligible. Walk & jog/trot only both ways of the ring.

Senior Walk Trot - Open to senior exhibitors with horses and large ponies. The pair must not have competed in a loping class before. Both experienced riders with green horses and novice riders with experienced horses are eligible. Walk & jog/trot only both ways of the ring.

Gymkhana – western equipment must be used. Long sleeve shirt and hats or helmets must be worn. Fall off a horse and/or going off pattern will result in disqualification from the heat. Disqualification will also occur if the horse crosses the finish line before the course is completed. Riders may not start their run until the gate is closed. Anyone doing so will be disqualified from the heat. In the Smallfry division entries on pattern will be placed ahead of those off pattern.

Maritime Bred - Open to horses whose sire and dam stood in the Maritimes at the time of its conception. Entries in this division must furnish proof of breeding.

Leadline – Open to riders 10 years of age & under as of January 1st of the current year. To be led by a person over the age of 16 years. Pony/horse to be led at a walk and jog/trot only. Rider & leader to be appropriately dressed. Pony/Horse to be judged on manners and suitability to leadline work. Rider to be judged on seat, hands, attire and neatness. English or Western attire. Riders may only enter leadline classes.

Light Horse Class Descriptions

 Grooming and Conditioning: judged on the fitness and how well-groomed the horse/pony is. The animal should be clean, with hooves well-trimmed or shod. It is recommended that preference be given to the animal whose ears, muzzle, fetlocks and bridle path are clipped for showing. Manes and tails should be tangle free and may be banded or braided. The halter and lead should be clean and fit well.

Halter: A class where the horse/pony is judged upon its conformation. Emphasis is placed on well-mannered individuals in the order of their resemblance to their breed ideal and that are the most positive combination of balance, structural correctness, and movement with appropriate breed and sex characteristics and adequate muscling. Animals will walk to the judge one at a time. As the horse/pony approaches, the judge will step to the right (left of the animal) to enable the horse/pony to trot straight to a cone placed 50 feet away. At the cone, the animal will continue trotting, turn to the left and trot towards the left wall or fence of the arena. After trotting, entries will be lined up head to tail for individual inspection by the judge. The judge will inspect each animal from both sides, front and rear. Grand and Reserve Champion Halter will be presented following Class #6.

Showmanship: Will be judged strictly on the exhibitor’s ability to show a horse at halter. The horse/pony is merely a prop to demonstrate the ability and preparation of the exhibitor. The ideal showmanship performance consists of a poised, confident, neatly attired exhibitor leading a well-groomed and conditioned horse that quickly and effectively performs the requested pattern with promptness, smoothness and precision. The showmanship class is not another halter class and should not be judged as such. It is mandatory that patterns be posted one hour before the class and they should be designed to test the showman’s ability to effectively present a horse/pony to the judge

 English Pleasure: To be shown at a flat-footed walk, trot, extended trot, and easy canter both ways of the ring. Entries may be asked to halt and rein back as a group or individually. Entries should be suitably dressed for the class. Entries will be judged on performance with credit given to a flowing, balanced, and willing mount. The quality of movement and consistency of gaits is a major consideration.

Command: Entries shown at a walk, jog or trot, lope or canter and counter canter. An elimination class where the riders are required to do as the judge asks. Manner of performance could be a deciding factor.

Road Hack: Entries to be shown at a flat-footed walk with a reasonable loose rein, trot, extended trot, easy canter and hand gallop both ways of the arena. Only 8 horses/ponies to gallop at one time and must be controlled. Entries may be asked to halt, rein back and stand quietly on a loose rein. Class will be judged on performance, manners, substance and conformation.

Equitation: An evaluation based on the ability of the rider to perform various maneuvers in harmony with his/her mount. The rider will be judged on seat, hands, legs and ability to control the horse/pony. Rail work may be required and consist of walk, trot, and canter both ways of the arena. Riders will be asked to perform individual work consisting of any maneuvers the judge feels necessary to determine the rider’s equitation. Pattern will be posted at least one hour before the class.

Western Pleasure: A good pleasure horse has a free-flowing stride of reasonable length in keeping with his confirmation. He/she should cover a reasonable amount of ground with little effort. Ideally, the horse should have a balanced flowing motion, while exhibiting correct gaits that are of the proper cadence. The quality of movement and the consistency of gaits is a major consideration. He should be shown on a reasonably loose rein but with light contact and control, without undue restraint. He should be responsive, yet smooth, in transitions when called for. When asked to extend, he should move out with the same flowing motion. Maximum credit should be given to the flowing, balanced and willing horse that gives the appearance of being fit and a pleasure to ride. Horses must work both ways of the ring at all 3 gaits (walk, jog, lope) to demonstrate their ability with different leads. Horses are required to back easily.

Trail: This class will be judged on the performance of the horse/pony over obstacles, with emphasis on manners, response to the rider and quality of movement. Credit will be given to horses negotiating the course with style and some degree of speed, providing correctness is not sacrificed. Horses should receive credit for showing attentiveness to the obstacles and capability of picking their own way through the course when obstacles warrant it, and willingly responding to the rider’s cues on more difficult obstacles. Horses shall be penalized for any unnecessary delay while approaching or negotiating the obstacles. The course must be designed to show all 3 gaits (walk, jog, lope). Pattern to be posted one hour before the class. Exhibitors will have 30 seconds or 3 refusals for each obstacle and then be asked to move on to the next obstacle by signal from the judge.

Western Horsemanship: This class is designed to evaluate the rider’s ability to execute, in unison with their horse, a set of maneuvers set by the judge with precision and smoothness while exhibiting poise and confidence, and maintaining a balanced, functional and fundamentally correct body position. The ideal horsemanship pattern is precise with the rider and horse working together, executing each maneuver with subtle aids and cues. It is mandatory that patterns be posted one hour before the class. A rail ride may also be asked to be performed.

Versatile Horse: Class with consist of 3 portions (English pleasure, western pleasure and barrel racing). All clothing and tack changes will be made in the center of the arena with the help of grooms. Horses shall be given a score for each portion, but class will be placed as one.

Ranch Horse Pleasure: The purpose of the Ranch Horse Pleasure is to reflect the versatility, attitude and movement of a working horse. The horse's performance should simulate a horse riding outside the confines of an arena and that of a working horse. This horse should show ability to work in a forward, working speed while under control by the rider. Light contact should be rewarded, and horse does not have to be shown on a full drape of reins. The overall manners, responsiveness of the horse while performing the maneuver requirements and the horse’s quality of movement are the primary considerations. The required maneuvers will include the walk, jog and lope both directions, and the extended jog and lope in at least one direction. As well as stops, turn to change directions and back up. Three optional maneuvers may include side pass, turns of 360 or more, change of lead (simple or flying), and walk, jog or lope over poles. Pattern to be posted one hour before the class.

Maritime Bred Under Saddle: Open to horses and ponies, English or western. Shown as a pleasure class, walk, jog/trot, and lope/canter both ways of the ring. Will be asked to back and stand quietly. Entries will then be asked to strip their tack and line up for judging. Judged on 40% performance and 60% conformation. Western exhibitors show in a halter and English exhibitors in a bridle.

*FREE* Costume Class: Judged on originality of costume and equipment of horse. Walk only. Open to everyone and riders may be led. No entry fee. Ribbons and/or prizes only. No prize money.

*FREE* Toilet Paper Pairs: Open to horses and ponies, English or western. Shown at the walk and jog/trot for youth and Smallfry. Seniors may be asked to canter/lope. A piece of toilet paper will be held between the 2 riders. Exhibitors must work in unison with their partner and not break the toilet paper. No entry fee. Ribbons and/or prizes only. No prize money.

Family Class: Two or more members of the same family to ride in unison. To be judged on neatness, match of dress and suitability as family mounts. To walk and jog/trot both ways of the ring. English or western.

Barrels: A timed event, timed on the horse’s nose from start to finish. Consists of 3 barrels to be run around in a cloverleaf pattern. Contestants may start by going to either the left or right for the first barrel. A 5 second penalty for each barrel knocked will be incurred and going off pattern with result in a no-time elimination. Riders may compete with more than one mount

 Poles: A timed event, with time starting and stopping on the horse’s nose. The pattern is run around 6 poles set in a straight line 21’ apart, with the first pole being 21’ from the start/finish line. Contestant runs the length of the arena alongside the poles, turns around the end pole and weaves back up through them. He then turns the first pole and weaves back through them and again turns the end pole and continues straight back to the finish line. The pattern may be started on either the left or right-hand side of the poles. Each pole knocked down will incur a 5 second penalty added to the time. Going off pattern will result in disqualification. Rider may compete with more than one mount.

Keyhole Race: A timed event, timed on the horse’s nose from start to finish. Rider races across the start line to the other end of the arena where a keyhole shape is drawn on ground with sawdust (or similar). Rider must enter keyhole, stop and turn around and race out back to finish line without horse’s feet stepping on or over the sawdust outline.

Dash for Cash: A timed event, timed on the horse’s nose start to finish. Rider races across start line to opposite end of the arena, makes a complete circle around one barrel and back to the finish line. All the entry fees for this class will be awarded to the 1st place winner. No other cash payouts will be given.

Butterfly Race: 2 sets of 3 poles are set in straight lines 30’ from the start line. Rider must race down between the 2 rows of poles in a straight line then weave down through one set, cross over to the 2nd set and weave back up through. Rider then races back to the finish line between the 2 sets of poles. Pattern will be posted.

Crazy 8 Race – 2 barrels will be set 30 feet apart, 50 feet from the start line. Rider races to top barrel and completes a figure 8 around the 2 barrels and then races back to the finish line. Pattern will be posted.

*FREE* Egg and Spoon – Riders will complete a pleasure class while holding an egg on a spoon in one hand. Last rider to lose their egg will be the winner. Walk jog/trot for youth and smallfry. Walk, trot/jog, canter/lope for seniors. No entry fee. Ribbons and/or prizes only. No prize money.


STABLE COMPETION: To be awarded to the exhibitor for the best display in the stable, not including the quality of the horses displayed.

Champion English Youth: Classes to count are 1-2, 8, 10, 13, 15, 18

Champion English Senior: Classes to count are 1-2, 7, 9, 12, 14, 17

Champion Western Youth Classes to count are 1-2, 8, 20, 23, 26, 28

Champion Western Senior: Classes to count are 1-2, 7, 19, 22, 25, 27

Champion Senior Gymkhana: Classes to count are 54, 55, 56, 60, 61, 62, 67, 68, 69

Champion Youth Gymkhana: Classes to count are 57, 58, 59, 63, 64, 65, 67, 68, 69

Champion Youth Walk Trot: Classes to count are 1-2, 8, 35, 37, 39, 41

Champion Senior Walk Trot: Classes to count are 1-2, 7, 36, 38, 40, 42

Champion Smallfry: Classes to count are 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49

 Points will be awarded as follows and will be given up to 6th place.

1st – will get 6 points

2nd – will get 5 points

3rd – will get 4 points

4th – will get 3 points

5th – will get 2 points

6th – will get 1 point

 If there are less than 6 entries in a class, they will be awarded on the number entered. Ex: 3 in class 1st – 3pts, 2nd – 2pts, 3rd – 1pt.